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How to Step Up Your Camp-Kitchen Game: THE RAMEN BOMB

Chris Gmitro

Nourishing yourself in the great outdoors is no easy feat and the farther you get from civilization the more difficult it becomes. Sure we all have that climbing partner who brings lamb and kale lasagna and eats it right in front of you while you enjoy your humble PB&J.  As you venture farther away from the comfort of your kitchen and rely on a backpack to transport food for days (or even weeks), the importance of thoughtful meal planning can’t be ignored. In fact, it can make or break your plans of achieving a big objective.


The key to success for meal planning on extended trips is having a variety of lightweight and calorie-dense vehicles to which you can add substance.  Common vehicles might be pasta, quinoa, or tortillas, to which you might add cheese, veggies, fresh-caught fish, trailside-harvested leafy greens, or any number of lightweight dehydrated foodstuffs.

The Ramen Bomb is a technique that has less weight than ready-to-eat breads and requires less cooking time than most pastas and grains.

  • Start with one packet of ramen per person and double the amount of water the package recommends.  

  • When the water comes to a boil, drop in the ramen and simmer for about 30 seconds.

  • Have a zip lock bag of instant mashed potatoes at the ready and add a few spoonfuls at a time to thicken the bomb. Stop adding the potatoes when you can dip a spoon in the mix and it comes out just coated; the bomb will continue to thicken. 

  • Now is the time for add-ins, dig into your food bag and make use of anything that casts a shadow… I’ve gotten as crazy as peanut butter and Nutella, trout and wild onions, cheese and salami, canned oysters and crème fresh. The sky is the limit!

 Ramen noodles and dehydrated refried beans (or mashed potatoes) with mix-ins of cheese, spices, hot sauce, & avocado.

Ramen noodles and dehydrated refried beans (or mashed potatoes) with mix-ins of cheese, spices, hot sauce, & avocado.

Practice and refine your technique and share the crazy ramen bombs you create by tagging your pictures with #wasatchready and #theramenbomb on social media.

Warning: The Ramen Bomb is a backcountry technique and should be used with caution the closer you get to society.`