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The Perch

Chris Gmitro

It’s that time of year again when we hope that the hottest days of summer are behind us and the weather starts to cool down. Early august is a perfect time for climbing in the alpine around Salt Lake City. With the summer heat to our backs, me and my buddy Zack drove to the Elephants Perch in search of world class granite and cool temperates. Here’s what we found.

Day 1

After a leaving Salt lake at 7:30 am we arrived at our destination red fish lake around 1:30 pm with some minor stops. One of the great things about the Perch is that you have the option to take a boat ride to avoid the first five miles of the approach. After gladly handing the gentleman at the dock $17 dollars we were off across the lake taking in the beauty of the sawtooth’s. Once off the boat, it was a quick two and a half hour stroll up to one of the better camp sites me and my partner have ever had. After all, whats better than camping next to one of the most beautiful swimming holes in the country? 


BEEP BEEP BEEP, I roll over and hit snooze on the alarm. After another battle with the alarm we are finally up and out of camp around 7:30am and at the base just in time to start climbing at 8am. INSERT PHOTO

The granite was cold, the cracks were thin, and the climbing was fantastic on the first pitch of the Direct Becky. After clawing our way up the crux pitch, the hard stuff was over and all we had left was 9 5.10 pitches and a few easier ones to the top. Without a beta spray down, heres what the route looked like. 

After about 6:30 hours on route we were finally walking down the descent, back to the ultimate swimming hole aka our camp. 

Day 3

After throwing down some quick breakfast and packing up camp we were at the base of the mountaineers route and climbing by 7:45 am. Since we want to get home at a decent time, opted to do the route in two mega long pitches to speed things up. Without spraying you down on every pitch, here are some photo’s!

After topping out around 9:30 am, we started the walk out and the drive back to salt lake. Hope you liked the pictures and possibly they even ignited some psyche for you to get out before the season in the high country comes to a close. Have more questions? Swing by the gear room and get the spray down on the perch!