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Dynafit Free Infinium Hybrid Jacket - Mens

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Retail: $349.95. Color, Winter Moss. This jacket is the ultimate blend of style and function, designed for those who demand performance without sacrificing their fashion sense. Made with Infinium technology, this jacket laughs in the face of wind and rain, while you stay cozy and dry inside. It's like wearing a force field, but way more stylish. With its hybrid design, you get the best of both worlds: insulation where you need it and breathability where you don't. It's like having a personal climate control system, minus the hefty electricity bill.


Condition: New

Gender: Men's


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Material: Infinium technology for windproof, water-resistant performance
Insulation: Strategic placement for warmth without sacrificing breathability
Fit: Comfortable and functional for dynamic activities
Hood: Adjustable for added protection, helmet-compatible
Pockets: Multiple, including zippered options for secure storage
Cuffs and Hem: Adjustable for a personalized fit
Reflective Details: Enhanced visibility in low light
Versatility: Suitable for hiking, skiing, and more