How it Works

Step 1: 

You drop off, or mail, your shoes to: 3422 Fort Union Blvd, Cottonwood Heights, UT 84121. 

Step 2: 

You select your rubber ( see below ). 

Step 3:

The Gear Room notifies you when the shoes are complete. 

Step 4: 

You swing by to pick your shoes up, or request to have them mailed. 

At which point, you pay for your completed shoes. ( pricing listed below )

Step 5: 

You send your project.

Rubber Types

C4 Stealth:

-Super sticky and soft, with a shorter life-span.

-Excellent for smearing, slabs and steep climbing. 

Stick Plus:

-Firmer than C4. Sticky and responsive, with a longer life-span. 

-Excellent for edging. 

Techno Stick:

-Formulated to stick better to plastic. (gym climbing)

-Great for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Davos Trident:

-For approach like shoes. (crocs, cowboy boots, birks, etc..)

-Stiff, sticky and durable. 

-Great for long approaches and moderate scrambles. 

-Works best on flat soled shoes.


Basic Resole: $55

Includes new, half soles on a pair of shoes. 

Toe Rands: $7

Toe caps are required when the shoe is worn through the rand. 

Price is per rand, as needed. 

Shipping: $11 

Per pair of shoes.